Saturday, 14 December 2019

We're Not Gonna Take It

A few years ago, during the 2015 Election campaign, I wrote an article highlighting my concerns about the surge of far right support, UKIP seemed to have awakened and united the racist and Nazi sympathetic support that, try as we might, we have never eradicated from our country. I said that if this wasn't dealt with and if it was allowed to grow it would leave us open to a kind of politics that we fought the Second World War to defeat. I wasn't a lone voice but I was certainly in the minority and my opinions were largely dismissed as either misguided or moronic. Nearly 5 years on and with our Brexit from Europe now confirmed I find myself writing again, not with a patronising "I told you so" attitude but with a deep and painful ache in my heart. At the outset I want to publicly and proudly nail my colours to the mast. I am a Socialist, Labour Party member and I am also a Christian. I voted remain and would have done so again had Labour won power and a second referendum taken place. I believe that our country works better when it works in community and, although much was imperfect about the EU, being a part of it was a great deal better than Nationalistic Isolationism. Sadly, I was in the minority and, with Thursday election having provided the Conservative Party with a massive majority, the Labour Party has been almost wiped out. 

But, even more worrying that any of this, the Conservative Party is not the same that Major or even Cameron led, it is far right and it is dangerous. We now face a horrific future led by a man who is a liar, a racist and an Anti Semite (ironic that he accused Mr Corbyn of the very crime he committed in writing in his novel a few years back) I want to map out my thoughts on how we got to this terrible place and finish with some personal musings on where we will end up. We must speak out, we must stay strong and we must resist the calls to "accept the election result" or "stop being negative about the Tories" On the contrary, now is the time to speak out, now is the time to highlight and make public every utterance and every law that eats away at our democracy. My friends, I believe that, on Thursday night, our democracy died and in its place a great evil is rising. But the plans for this were set in place years ago and were started with the privatisation of our public services. Yes I realise that was done under a Labour government but then Tony Blair wasn't a socialist and I would suggest the only reason he turned to Labour and not the Tories was because he didn't go to the right schools. Blair was saved from the savage attacks that Corbyn endured because he had agreed with Murdock not to tax the rich. Labour didn't help themselves with a far too appeasing attitudes when faced with the loud and vicious attacks from Centrist MP's and neither was it helpful to have a confusing and unclear policy on Brexit. But by the time we reached the election last Thursday the position was clear and the Labour Party seems united under one banner to fight the Tories and austerity. Yet, it was too late and as Johnson seemed to flounder at every turn, those loyal to the Tories and those blinded by the promise of a greater nationalistic country voted in enough numbers to destroy the hope of a heart felt lifeline to our country

Our society is riven in two but we have also been lulled to sleep by a wave of consumerism and self obsessed greed. The excess of the Eighties has bloated our bellies to such an extension that we demand more and more and our reliance on credit and loans has led to our focus being set ever more inwards. The lie that the inevitable crash from over spending and reliance on sub prime mortgages across the globe was somehow Labours fault is one that I don't believe we have ever recovered from. Even though Osbourne himself debunked this as Tory propaganda, for the public it just added to the image of Labour, big on promises and also huge on borrowing. These were all mentioned in the Tory 2019 campaign and with the repetitious drum beat of Johnson's "Get Brexit Done" it has hypnotised a nation. Now, it has been said that Cameron pledged a referendum on our membership of the EU (although this was originally a Nick Clegg and Lib Dem idea) because he wanted to win a large majority. Whilst I am sure this is true I also believe that Cameron, like May and to some extent Johnson are all useful idiots or scape goats for the real power behind the throne. The huge donations from Russia, big business and Media giants allude to a  desire to prevent Labour from removing power from the Tories and reducing their empire. When you consider that Labour was also promising radical reform our our press and media it is no surprise that the BBC, ITV and the papers also participated in a smearing campaign which all but handed victory to the Tories. But it was more than that, they also prevented the truth from being made public. The leaked reports on trade talks between the UK and US were available to the press in October but not once were they commented on. The revelations by Labour that the Tories intended to privatise the NHS and that indeed elements of the health service would form part of the US trade agreement were rubbished and instead the media focused on the fake Anti Semitic slurs that have dogged Labour and Corbyn since he took office. If you think that this is sour grapes then think again as we now hear from senior Tory, Damian Green, that the public will need to contribute towards their use of the NHS and you can guarantee that wont be cheap!

Brexit has tapped into the powerful and rampant belief that the UK needs to regain it's individuality and the myth that somehow we are simply drones for the EU. We make our own laws (our human rights act was adopted by the EU) and we control our own borders, so the concept of somehow becoming more British when leave is a falsehood. So to is the concept of immigration being a blight on our land and that the mass migration of people from the EU damages our economy. Actually, the opposite is true, those that move here from the EU contribute far more than they take out. Brexit creates a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and provides a convenient platform for right thinking people who stood against us joining the EU in the first place. Whilst these people have, for the most part, respectable and well thought through arguments for believing as they do, the same cannot be said for the racist and poisonous far right which has also supported the Brexit cause. Now, I want to be clear at this point. I have never said or believed that everyone that supports and voted for Brexit is racist but I would say that everyone who is racist supports Brexit. The rise of hate crime and abuse since the referendum has been truly horrific and with Brexit now confirmed and a Prime Minister that has voiced Islamophobic statements himself, we can expect these occurrences to explode. Boris Johnson's comments on immigration were dangerous and ill informed and will add an acceptability to attacks on EU Citizens who live and work in our country.

"I’ve said that what we want to do is bear down on migration, particularly of unskilled workers who have no job to come to and I think that’s what’s happened over the last couple of decades or more. You’ve seen quite a large number of people coming in from the whole of the EU — 580 million population — able to treat the UK as though it’s basically part of their own country and the problem with that is there has been no control at all and I don’t think that is democratically accountable." Boris Johnson

I have said for months now that Brexit is a smoke screen, a diversion to move the gaze away from the eroding of our democracy. Ask yourself how a government that has been held in contempt of Parliament not once but twice and has a Prime Minister that lied to The Queen when requesting Pro Rogation has managed to win a majority and avoid any censure or penality for these unforgivable acts. Johnson and his whole Cabinet when appearing in Parliament have shown a flagrant lack of respect for the democracy that is upheld there. Rees Mogg lounging back on the front bench whilst  dismissing the real concerns of other members of Parliament is the level that we have now reached. The response to the Courts overturning the illegal pro rogation can be found on Page 48 of their manifesto. This Government, this Prime Minsister does not welcome scrutiny or indeed questioning and by limiting and separating the power and influence from the Courts and Parliament it will effectively give a green light to anything they wish to push through. Page 48 of the Tory manifesto will amount to the Enabling Plan which will render Parliament powerless and by revoking the fixed term parliament act it wont be just a 5 year term it will be endless. The Tories now have such a large majority that even the combined cross party opposition will not be able to oppose them. Johnson has purged the party of all that disagree with him and all MP's standing in this election had to sign up to his Brexit deal. Johnson can now pass any law he wants to and no one can stop him.

It has been said that Johnson and the Tories are held accountable to the electorate and also to influential think tanks and pressure groups. My answer to that is simple, only if they choose to be. There was a comment made (whether there is truth to it is anyone's guess) that if Johnson lost his seat at the election he would actually have welcomed it. The civil servant went on to comment that he didn't do anything for his constituents anyway and that the tradition of a Prime Minister stepping down if he loses his seat was more just that, tradition. It is entirely in keeping with Johnson's belligerent and sociopathic nature that, had he lost his seat, he would have carried on anyway. Johnson didn't lose his seat and indeed gained ground in Labour's heartland. People who are poor and starving are being offered the hope of a better life where they are valued and a Brexit utopia where there are jobs aplenty and no one wants for food or warmth. It is an tantalising offer and it is one that, when added to the supposed unelectability of Corbyn and the constant reports from the media that the Labour manifesto would never be realised, too many bought into. My fear is that post Brexit they will quickly find out that they have been lied to and it will be too late. This Tory government is only accountable to the rich donors, the hedge fund managers and the mysterious powerful figures that have orchestrated this coup. Make no mistake it is just that, a power grab.

When you look at the rise of Nazi Germany, under Hitler, you discover that his first attempt at winning power was a dismal failure. The German economy was booming and the German people were enjoying the quality of life that they had been denied since the end of the first World War. They had no time for Hitler's message and the party was brutally beaten at the polls. However. it all changed with the Wall Street Crash and the calling in of German loans meant that the economy crashed and once again the people were starving and jobless. This time the Nazi party was swept to office and, with the support of a highly successful media campaign, promised to transform the German economy and lift people from poverty. Thus, the Wiemar Republic was born and for a while the people prospered, for a while. The rest, as they say is history, but the parallels to our country today are all too clear. Brexit and the allusion of greater prosperity, greater control and a return to a strong and independent United Kingdom is a lie that was sold to the British people for one reason and one reason only. So that our democracy could be destroyed and the far right can gain power. The pact between Johnson and Farage's Brexit Party decimated Labour support and it was designed to demoralise the Socialists who were the only threat they faced. With a fully compliant media the party had no obstacles in successfully broadcasting their message to the people. We took to social media, to the streets and we warned the people that Johnson could not be trusted. His Brexit deal drives a hard border into the middle of the North sea, it rips up the Good Friday agreement and it does untold damage to the Scottish economy. Scotland voted to remain and can now expect to be annexed, unwillingly to England. The SNP's calls for a 2nd Referendum will be ignored (Johnson has already promised this) and I fear further incursions and reductions of Scottish Governmental power will also happen. On Thursday night, our democracy died but in January, when we leave the EU, the UK will no longer exist.

Post Brexit, our economy will be damaged and food prices and utility bills will soar with the result that more families will be pushed into poverty. When you add to this the higher medicine prices and a failing NHS service the mortality rate will increase and with a homeless epidemic this will add to the misery. Even the Government's only economic forecast is not the Utopia it promised and I believe that things will only get worse. Brexit will not be "done" by Christmas 2020 and the trade talks with the EU threaten to drag on for years. The British people will suffer under this Government and it wont care, it never has.

We are in a desperate and dangerous time and even though I can see no way out of this dark new dawn there are ways we can fight it. We can watch, we can scrutinise and we can hold this government to account. Take to social media, challenge your MP and yes peaceful protests can be organised. Even when the Human Rights Act is removed (again page 48 of their manifesto) and it is no longer lawful to object we must continue to do so. This is no longer about Leave vs Remain. It isn't even about Tory vs Labour. This is a fight for our hearts, for our nation. My heart broke on Thursday night, not because Labour failed to win but for the many homeless people who are still on streets, sleeping rough in the bitter cold. For the families who still continue to struggle to pay their bills and still have to rely on Foodbanks to feed their children. One callous Tory MP commented that the poor need to budget better, I would say that it is very easy to budget when you have nothing. As a Christian I believe that God has a plan and that there is a higher power who is bigger than even the darkest of times. I appreciate not all of you share my faith and that belief in a loving God does not put food on your table and prevent this Fascist Government from taking away your freedom and liberty. The comings days will be dark but we have lived through such times before. I may be wrong and there are many who will read this and dismiss it as the rantings of someone who has eaten an entire punnet of sour grapes. I know what I see and I know what I believe is happening. Boris Johnson you will be held to account and history will not look favourably on this time.

We need to RESIST and we need to UNITE against what is to come. Us Socialists have a word, one that we use with tears in our eyes when we feel the hurt and the pain of others. "SOLIDARITY"

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