Thursday, 19 October 2017

All Are Equal.. But Are Some Are More Equal Than Others

"Talk 'bout revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world" the time for words has passed and now we need to take action, before it's too late...

I wasn't going to write this article. Whats the point? I thought, We all know that Theresa May's Government is morally bankrupt and that the words that spew from her mouth are lies and just a convenience to cover up a multitude of sins. Anyone that is married to a man who has made his millions helping others avoid tax payment is not fit to run the country. We all know that Brexit was sold to the tiny majority on a lie and that this government intends to push forward with something that is going to damage our country. We also know that she doesn't care about the vulnerable, the poor, the sick or the mentally ill, even though she constantly reminds us she does. The only thing that May has been clear on is that she hasn't got what it takes to lead our country and that she and her cronies are ruling our country for the 2% at the great cost of the 98%. Writing this article will make no difference to the outcome and sadly, it will not save the lives of countless hundreds who will be damaged by austerity and what this government is doing to us. But something happened last night that has done more than betray our country, our very democracy was shown up for the absolute myth that it is. Last night, at the centre of Parliament, our freedoms and the entire infrastructure of how we are governed revealed its heart and it is diseased. More than that, it is dead and has been for some time. 

Universal Credit, that much delayed carbuncle that hangs around the Government like an unpleasant odour (IDS's lasting legacy and a permanent stain on his already shot reputation) will be forced into being despite a unanimous vote to halt it. Despite numerous failed trials which have heaped even more misery on the most desperate in our society, despite think tanks and experts warning that the delays in payments and failures with the system will cause people to starve and push them further into debt, despite the valiant efforts of Sarah Wollaston voting against the 3 line whip, Theresa May will force through the roll out of a system which is callous and dangerous. Not only will this doom families on low income to further misery and starvation, not only will this put even more pressure on Food Banks to do what the government refuses to do and feed the poor, it also shows the total and undeniable lack of respect that our government has for Parliament. No matter how many times May states she is acting in the best interest of the public, of the country she is doing the opposite. What is the point of electing members of parliament to the House of Commons, to represent and safeguard our human rights if a government can act so criminally and for what? To hold onto power, that fickle of all mistresses, to hold onto the very thing that they have just fatally undermined. The Universal Credit vote last night wasn't binding and the government have already proudly declared they intend to ignore it, but our democracy was fatally wounded long before May took it for granted.

There are scholars far more able to fill in the historic details than I am but we have a democracy that is held in place by little more than a gentleman's agreement. Over the previous decades the Monarch's power and influence over the Government , that rules in her name, has been reduced to little more than a figure head. We are now a headless Monarchy and all it took to unveil the true nature of the wizard behind the curtain was a disreputable turncoat like Theresa May. So desperate for power, so scared of losing it she has shown her party to be that of liars and murderers who would rather sell of our NHS and our very liberty than admit they made a mistake. Her callous disregard for the very real danger that thousands of families face today, pushed over the edge into poverty not by laziness or bad budgeting but by a thieving ruling party who would prefer to make their rich Masters more affluent than save lives. As we have no written constitution we have no real rights and with Theresa May looking to further limit our civil liberties and reduce the influence EU law has on our daily lives you can expect more misery. 

It isn't new that the Conservatives rule our country for the few and not the many. They have always been the party of the landed gentry and those that have never had to struggle for anything in their lives. It's not even really headline news that they lie or embezzle money from the public coffers, the expense claims are still fiddled and nothing ever really changes. What's horrifying with Theresa May's government are the levels of incompetency, the sort of gross stupidity that would make an 8 year old blush, coupled with an aggressive attitude of finger pointing. If you are poor and cant pay your bills then perhaps you should have budgeted better. Want more money? get a better job you idiot! These sort of comments are also accompanied with the type of typical Tory sneering that makes me want to remove heads! Angela Rudd is the sort of lady that hasn't got the intelligence to put together a logical argument so she opts for rabble rousing and name calling. It's School yard bullying tactics and it stinks!

All of us deserve to be represented and we demand the right to be able to work and to feed and clothe our children. We shouldn't  be in a situation that hard working single parents who already struggle to work and provide a loving home for their children have to worry about losing their homes because of a Governmental system that will not support them. In the 12 weeks it will take each and every Universal Credit claim to be processed people will be pushed into desperation, deeper depression and it will cause deaths. Lets be clear about this, Theresa May is pushing through a benefit change that she knows will cause the deaths of people in this country. That's not an accident, it's murder!

In other countries, when the cries of the people was such that it echoed around the seats of power, the people rose up as one. I am not an anarchist but our democracy is a corpse rotting on the floor and it cannot be resurrected. We need rid of this government and our system of government needs stripping back and replacing with something that doesn't just make bank balances more bloated. Our government has too much power and with every day Theresa May moves closer to grabbing more. When the majority of MP's vote against a ruling and the Government is empowered to disregard that decision it means one thing. We are living in an autocratic state and the liberties you enjoy are nothing more than empty promises, sweetened by a Media that is now state owned. Democracy has died, we now live in an dictatorship and Theresa May has just shown us all the truth. Our government are now the fattened pigs that Orwell wrote about in Animal Farm.

I wrote this article because I have to, because if I don't I am no better than the blinded sheep that are walking, semi conscious into a slaughter house and it is emblazoned with the Conservative party banners! 

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

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