Friday, 23 June 2017

Press Release: Audio Cascades- The Copper Cascade Chronicles by Kneel Downe

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Are they evil, or just trying to help? This question has plagued the City since Dark Deliverance, Captain Photon and the rest of The Vengeful Squad first appeared. Quickly removed from sight and now housed in Mental Rehabilitation Centre Alpha, known locally as The Copper Cascade, no word reaches the populace of their meaning or their reasoning.

Thanks to the work of investigative journalist Roach Monroe though, we have been receiving audio leaks from within the facility itself and we can now publicly release the interview tapes of Doctor Paul Nyman, the psychologist who is overseeing the treatment and further investigation of the individuals in The Squad. These tapes are not an easy listen and the information contained within will be as divisive as it is shocking. You have been warned...

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Kneel Downe's take on the superhero genre is already well known and was recently collected into the chart-topping chapbook The Copper Cascade, however everyone involved realised that this was never going to be enough for the Vengeful Squad. The transcripts of Doctor Nyman’s audio interview notes from the book were just begging to be realised in their original format – as audio files. DreamCage Media Group, in conjunction with Kneel, approached renowned voice artist RJ Bayley for some thoughts on how we could accomplish this and discovered in RJ a huge fan of Kneel's work who passionately threw himself into the project. The possibility of bringing superheroes to audio is a task that not many would undertake. There's an almost cinematic reason that this genre of pop culture remains within the pages of comic books and on our screens.

Until now.

On 4th July, Audio Cascades will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world as The Copper Cascade audiobook through Audible, Amazon and iTunes. You HAVE been warned...

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