Sunday, 26 February 2017

In Memory of Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton 17th May 1955 - 25th February 2017

Bill Paxton burnt an indelible mark into my Eighties film brain as the likeable but sweary Private Hudson. Paxton turned in a performance of such magnitude that he transformed what was basically an Army grunt into someone with character and soul. Paxton seemed to have a knack of doing that with every film he was in and he soon became one of those actors who I recognised as soon as I saw him. Even his performance in Titanic as the money motivated salvage captain, Brock Lovett had a wonderful warmth to him. It takes a good actor to develop a character into someone that audiences want to engage with, but it takes a tremendous actor to so craft a performance that it lifts even the most incidental of characters into something special. Look at his performance in The Terminator as 'Punk Leader' its a fleeting role but his scene with Arnie just sparkles with skill and acting prowess.

Looking through Paxton's film credits and they aren't all classics but here was an actor who just loved to work. I have highlighted two of my personal favourites but everyone who has ever watched a blockbuster has undoubtedly been blessed by his talent. So, Bill Paxton thank you so much for your talent and skill and for providing me with one of the most memorable side fi characters of the eighties. "Bissshhhhoooopppp" Game over, man"

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