Thursday, 1 December 2016

Que?? In Memory Of Andrew Sachs

Andrew Sachs was Manuel to me, as he was to countless other fans of the timeless comedy series Fawlty Towers. I fell in love with the loveable, if clueless, waiter since I was a small boy. I can still quote the episodes backwards, forwards and completely out of order. Sachs' astonishing tag teaming with John Cleese's bullish Manager was the backbone of the programs two series run. A consummate professional, Sachs would often tell of the moments where he would encourage Cleese to hit him harder so it looked believable. So many classic Manuel moments to enjoy but for me it has to be the wonderful episode with Manuel's pet hamster. "Cuddle that and you'll never play the guitar again" retorts Basil! I honestly couldn't tell you whether Sach's faltering Spanish was realistic but, for me, it was the source of much hilarity and provided a harmless and inoffensive humour which lends Fawlty Towers a timeless quality.

Sachs had been suffering from dementia and has finally lost his brave battle to the illness, aged 86. Dementia has now overtaken heart disease in the number of deaths it is responsible for and with media attention increasing, we must focus on a cure for this terrible thief of life. I join with the countless fans and admirers around the world who send their heart felt sympathies to Andrew's family, friends and those who had the privilege of working with him. Thank you for providing us with so many smiles and so much laughter.

Andrew Sachs 7th April 1930- 23rd November 2016

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