Monday, 29 August 2016

Journal Of The Not Quite Dead

Never eat Playdough, Frank makes 'em laugh and my onscreen debut...

Wednesday 24th August 2016

After much scheduling and two make up trials, one of which I was the guinea pig for, I am on set for a #IOTNQD shoot that will feature a Not Quite Deadee er Deadite. What makes this one even more exciting for me is that its a night shoot and we are on location at a delightful green grocers. One of the things that I love about my job is that I refuse to be stuck in the office but opt to get out and about. I think one of the exciting elements to Invasion is that it has a strong link with its backers. This is not by accident and AD Lane has never forgotten that it is the backers that have facilitated this films creation. I love the opportunity of not just being on set but providing a live stream and a snap shot of what its like on a real independent film set. I am no AD Lane and I cant stand being on camera but it is something I am happy to take part in as it provides a link to the backers. As I arrive at the location for the nights shoot I am excited, very excited! As Mr Lane said "being on set is kinda 50- 50 for you isn't it? 50% your job but 50% total fan boy" I always feel this huge rush of anticipation and the strong sense that I am going to witness something that will burn itself into my memory forever. Tonight's shoot is also significant as it will be the first time I meet Frank Jakeman, who plays Sam in the film, and his commitment to Invasion has been astounding. In addition to this, I am to play the part of a rather peckish Not Quite Dead which is both terrifying and exhilarating. Aside from the odd bit of Am Dram I haven't been part of anything on this scale before and it is hugely reassuring that I will be under layers of prosthetic makeup and fake blood! It is amazing watching everyone involved in this film doing whatever jobs are required, regardless of what they were originally contracted for, the passion and energy is infectious and I want to do my bit too!

Writing this after the filming finally wrapped and it's a night I will never forget! Nearly two hours in makeup and I was transformed into a Not Quite Dead (sorry no pictures allowed) and the scene involved a prosthetic leg and rivers of fake blood. On a personal note, can I recommend that you never make the mistake of attempting to eat playdough (no matter how appetising it looks) Whilst it can be manipulated into the most striking looking body parts it is not edible! The fake blood still tastes lovely and always leaves me wanting a toffee apple! AD Lane is a tremendous Director and before I knew it I had lost all my inhibitions and was giving it all I had. You'll have to wait for the final scene in the film itself but I was again in awe of what can be done with a group of exceptionally talented people and minimal budget. The professionalism on set has me feeling truly honoured to be part of the creation of film that has a quality standard that rates up there with the biggest Hollywood movies. Meeting Frank was a fantastic experience because, not only is he a thoroughly professional and amazing actor, he is also very very funny. Witnessing him wisecracking made the lateness of the hour feel not as tiring. But, as soon as the camera rolled, he flicked straight into character and delivered the level of performance that was required. It has constantly annoyed me that certain individuals loudly slate the independent film industry as amateurish and lacking the professional edge that is apparently prevalent in the mainstream. Invasion is a film that will finally silence such critics forever and the iconic and cult feel of the film will be impossible to ignore. I truly believe that Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead will reset the bar for Independent Film at a dizzying level. It is testament to the unshakable belief of AD Lane and his talented cast and crew that we are 80% completed on the shooting of this wonderful film. 

As I washed off the prosthetic glue and rivers of fake blood spiral down the plug hole (yes I did think of Psycho) I have yet another set of memories to enjoy. I cant wait to get back on set but for you who have been backing this film for so many years, patiently waiting to see what you have supported. Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead will be THE film of 2017 and you will agree with me that it has been worth the wait!

"Can I have my leg back"

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