Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Press Release- Martha

1870. A child. A fire. A day that changed lives forever.

Film maker, Adam J Morgan, uncovered more than he bargained for when he started researching his family tree. Buried within the forgotten inquest papers and medical records was a story of a mother's desperate and heart wrenching loss. 'Martha' tells the story of a family destroyed by a tragic accident that could have been prevented yet even today, death due to unintentional negligence still happens. Using the original inquest report as narration and shot in black and white, 'Martha' is a story that leaves its powerful mark on audiences.  

At the heart of 'Martha' lies the message that every life matters and we must do everything we can to safeguard and protect those who are most vulnerable in our society. The wordless remorse that Jane feels over the loss of her daughter is something that no mother should endure. Adam J Morgan has produced a film that will resonate with every parent, young or old, and represents film making at its most beautiful and enchanting. Striking in its use of light and bold in its visuals, 'Martha' will leave you with a sense of loss and a life that was taken far too soon.

Stories have the power to thrill and challenge but can also disturb and upset us. The truth is sometimes more tragic than anything that can be dreamt of or imagined. 

Experience the short film, 'Martha', for yourself by clicking on the link here

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