Thursday, 16 June 2016

Hate Retoric Gives Birth To Death

 MP Jo Cox was gunned down as she arrived for a Surgery to discuss the political issues that she wanted to communicate. She has been murdered but who really is responsible. Our political system, indeed our leaders need to point the fingers at themselves. This stops, today!...

MP Jo Cox was shot three times before being stabbed repeatedly whilst bleeding on the ground. Unconfirmed reports have the 52 year old man who was responsible shouting "Britain First" before committing this act of terror. Jo Cox, a Labour MP, was well known for passionate and vocal support of human rights both here in the UK but also abroad. Jo was attending a surgery to speak to her constituents about the upcoming European Referendum and she believed that Britain should remain in Europe. This murderous act will be repeated again and again around our country unless we put a stop to the horrendous posturing and obscene political scare mongering that has been the hallmark of both the Leave and the Remain campaigns. Jo was a loving mother and wife and she leaves behind a devastated and grieving husband and two very young children. She lost her life because a lunatic with a gun and a knife disagreed with her opinion on Europe, an opinion which many before her died to uphold. We are supposed to live in a democracy and we are allowed to disagree with each other. Isn't that the whole point of a referendum? It gives, us the people, a chance to have our say and to exercise our democratic right to vote on whether we believe our country should be part of Europe or should move outside of it.

My opinion on this issue is none of your business. I don't mean that in a rude way nor do I say it to provoke an argument, it is simple fact. Our voting processes allow us to vote without anyone else knowing where we decided to place our allegiance. That's the whole point of it. It is my opinion and I am entitled to it. My increasing irritation with the whole referendum process is that it has been so difficult to make an informed decision and I hold both the for and against campaign leaders responsible for this. The spin and scaremongering has been disgusting with both sides wheeling out so called experts to punt their bloated opinions at us and unashamedly bombarding all media channels with the sort of lies that would make Barron Munchhausen look like a rank amateur. If we were to leave Europe then the very fabric of our society would disintegrate and we would become the lepers of the free world. This is what Cameron and the other pro Europe campaigners would have us believe. Farage, Boris and other overly rabid "leavites" will have us believing that we need to make Britain great again and forge our own path. Blah! Blah! Blah! its all spin and exaggeration with the facts being obscured by anger and hate. Yes! hate! with the fear factor being dialled up to feverish point.

The media has jumped on board with this absolute farce and reported all over the press junkets and stuntery with delight, desperate to receive their pound of flesh! Well, to all of you. I hope you are proud of what you have caused. The hatred which you have helped to flourish has now caused the death of an innocent woman, whose sole crime was to care for the rights of the people that she had sworn to represent. Jo Cox was well liked in Parliament and the responses and heart felt feelings of support have already been overwhelming. Sadly and tragically, this was always going to be the outcome when both campaigns were waged not with careful and respectful reporting of the facts but with powerful spin that cared less for the information they carried than for winning. It has become a political circus that has muddied the waters on an issue that really does matter. Now it has claimed the life of a mother whose children will now be grieving and a husband who has lost his wife. Blame will levelled at the man who pulled the trigger and who plunged the knife but I think we need to seriously ask questions of the political leaders who led the campaigns. Those campaigns set the seeds of hate and violence which has led to the death of Jo Cox.

Enough! This must stop now! How many more people need to lose their lives before we call time on this idiocy! Look at the picture below and tell me that I'm wrong, go on I dare you!

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