Saturday, 4 June 2016

Brighton Fringe 2016- Golem

The Jews of Prague are in fear for their very lives and they need a saviour but is this really what they imagined?...

Richard Waring brings to life this classic Jewish folktale of a creature made entirely from mud that is tasked with protecting the Jewish community of Prague from antisemitic attack. Waring alternates between portraying the enigmatic Rabi Loew and his creation, named Josef, with striking capability. With minimal staging and a few scattered props to assist in his storytelling Waring manages to create the air of fear and threatened violence that would have infected the entire community. His dramatic telling of the bloody aftermath Josef leaves behind him is horrific with the images living long after the production has finished. Josef is portrayed as a powerful creature but flawed in both his understanding of the reason for his existence and violence that he commits. Loew, himself, is portrayed as a Rabi that is acting out of pure motive but also victim to the corrupting power that he struggles to control. Waring brilliantly portrays a man of faith that has been compromised by inserting oddly jarring comedic routines into his intellectual and ideological battling. As Loew succumbs to the insidious power that he now wealds the line between creator and creation is blurred with a supreme sacrifice needed in order for the violence to cease once and for all.

Not an easy show to watch as Waring is unflinching in his exploration of the monstrous acts that are committed by the human race. Whilst not providing any answers the most poignant moment comes from a surprising place, a moment of compassion and sacrifice from a monster that was created to aggressively protect. Beautiful theatre at its very best!

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