Saturday, 14 May 2016

Press Release: #IOTNQD Website Launch

As Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead (#IOTNQD) enters its final phase of filming we are proud to announce the newly updated website for the film. Featuring never before seen footage and behind the scenes photos it has never been more exciting or easy to keep up to date with all things Invasion. Film Maker AD Lane has always believed that the backers of his film form an integral part to the very existence of his ground breaking project.

With plans well underway for a UK Tour next year,which will give UK backers the opportunity to watch #IOTNQD on a big screen, and the final shooting schedule close to being finalised we are closer than ever before to the release of the film. To celebrate we are offering you an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with cast and crew of #IOTNQD. Head over to #IOTNQD now and take part in the interactive video chat that will be broadcasting from the set of #IOTNQD. Hosted by Daniel White and being recorded whilst AD Lane shoots the final scenes of the horrific opening to the film. Do not miss this opportunity to see first hand just what filming is like and confirm the truth that Mr Lane does indeed wear shorts all the time!

The #IOTNQD website is now live at
You can follow the films progress on Twitter at @iotnqdfilm or Facebook at

Thanks supporting us so far and we look forward to bringing you more exciting details and the film itself very,very soon.

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