Sunday, 15 May 2016

Journal Of The Not Quite Dead

My first visit to a Film Set, Indie Shorts and Broken Tablets...

May 14th 2016

Saturday morning, 4:30am and I'm awake. Who in their right mind wakes up at this time on a weekend? Someone who is about to spend the day on a film set watching AD Lane capture the final pre credit scenes for #IOTNQD thats who! I'm a late addition to Crew for this project yet I already feel welcomed and part of the magic. That's what AD does you see, he makes everyone involved feel part of the project. No one is unimportant and it really does feel like family. This could seem like a trite thing to say but truly remarkable projects are birthed when there is a cohesion between creative elements. There is no other agenda, nothing more important than contributing to making this film the best it can be. That, in essence is AD Lane's vision and his mission statement.
Anyway back to me and my criminally early start. Before I head off to the film set I have to ensure that the press release for #IOTNQD's new website is successfully launched and the newly delivered teaser trailer is also out there circulating. The trailer is especially important as it is deeply shocking, disturbing and showcases the outstanding quality of the cinematography and the make up effects. I have long believed that exceptional film making begins in the mind with the vision and it is possible to deliver a film that is of outstanding quality with clever use of money and materials. Knowing the right people also helps! I have also had to learn that things never go to plan and have learnt to allow a little more flexibility in my schedule , even though this goes against my slightly obsessive nature, it does save a lot of pain and anguish. So a slight adjustment to my plans sees me leaving for the film set a little earlier but I am relishing the thought of a hard days rewarding work.
Yesterday, I was talking about the difference between expensive Hollywood film sets and the reality of Independent Filming. This truth was immediately demonstrated as I arrived and found AD Lane's lounge had been transferred into a fully functioning Makeup and Effects studio. Complete with willing victim who was being prepared for the layers of latex that were to be applied. It was an amusing moment to see Paula, covered in latex and gore, calmly watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory but since it involves large stretches of time sitting still, probably a sensible decision. The filming is going to take place in an Outhouse or shed at the bottom of AD's garden and Josh (Director of Photography or DP) is already set up ready to roll. As the days filming progressed I am struck by the absolute professionalism of all involved whilst, at the same time, keeping a level of fun about the whole thing. AD is in typical jovial mood and I take the obligatory AD Lane Indie Shorts Of The Day photo and set up for the live broadcast. As it turned out the stand,which I am pinning the WhiteScreen banner onto, falling over and nearly flattening our intrepid Director is the least of my problems. My Samsung Tab (Other electrical devices are available) doesn't work and I suspect an act of over enthusiastic footballing from my youngest has damaged the screen. Change of plan again, as Lydia and I resort to utilising Parasol or whatever its called to broadcast live reports to our backers. As it turned out this was actually the most effective way to connect with our backers and gave them a real opportunity to join us on set, for the first time ever! I think what I take away from this is that even the most seemingly disastrous of events can be turned to a positive with the right mind set and a flexible approach. 
"You've Got Red On You"
So many standout moments are still vivid in my mind from today's film shoot. Funny incidents such as a near traffic accident caused by a car driver's shock at seeing our actress walking across the garden, literally falling to pieces. Serious moments where I got to see both the brilliance of AD Lane's directorial prowess and the sheer power behind the vision of #IOTNQD. I have always believed that #IOTNQD would be a film that smashes through people misconceptions of Independent Film. It would be a film that connected with audiences in such a powerful way that they never ever forgot the experience. What I didn't fully realise was that #IOTNQD has a presence about it that will delight horror fans in a way that the lacklustre output of Hollywood has failed to. For all of you that have been left still dry by the promise of a main stream film that didn't satiate your thirst. Those of you that have been crying out for a return to the films of your past that showcased true creative brilliance and genius. #IOTNQD is for you, it's for the fans! 


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