Friday, 13 May 2016

Journal Of The Not Quite Dead

Film Shoots, Live Videocasts and the Walking Dead, Not Quite....

May 13th 2016

Tomorrow morning I am setting off to the #IOTNQD Film Set for my first ever visit. Not ever one to make things easy or straight forward for myself I have also agreed to co host a kind of Live Video chat show on Blab whilst the shooting is taking place. I have known for sometime how crucial the backers are to AD Lane as without them #IOTNQD simply wouldn't exist. AD Lane has always been about giving as much access to behind the scenes footage as possible and this must signify the first chance for the public to actually see a shoot in progress. So, in addition to my enormous excitement about seeing AD Lane in action and witness first hand a significant scene being completed I have to video and commentate as well. Contrary to the image I convey and probably to what most people think about me, I am actually quite a shy person and the thought of my face being on video isn't exactly filling me with relish. I am sure that wont come across when we go live but trust me when I say I will be cringing internally. Ever since WhiteScreen exploded into existence I have believed that Independent Films need a much larger platform and a much louder voice to champion them. Talk about putting your money where your huge mouth is! 

This is also going to be one of those moments where the difference between Hollywood glitz and Independent substance becomes obvious. As a dedicated film lover I have watched enough behind the scenes footage to form ideas of what a film shoot looks like. The parking lots filled with expensive and over sized Winnebago's, the stars with teams of 'people' and the directors surrounded by producers in power suits. An Independent Film shoot, by comparison is different on every single level. The parking lot will be the road outside AD Lane's house with the film set itself his garden. No 'people' will follow the actors and I am fairly sure there will be no one in any sort of suit, power or otherwise. This is stripped back filming that is at its most unglamourous and you know what is for certain? I will absolutely love every second of it. The problem with Hollywood and the people that make all the decisions and have all the power is that the whole point and purpose for their very existence has been totally forgotten. That purpose is to create a film that captures the heart and soul of its audience, to entertain and to change people. Who wants to spend all that time and energy creating something that will be instantly forgotten the moment the credits roll? Who is even a little bit interested in hearing a rash of over paid and over hyped actors go on about their latest project, desperately attempting to reach flailing hands to an audience base they wish existed. Its all a pretence, a facade of caring. I know that when I see AD Lane and the rest of the talented #IOTNQD Cast and Crew in action I will know for sure why WhiteScreen exists. I cant operate a camera and I certainly cant act but I have a big mouth and I am very very good at firing infectious and memorable passionate prose to the general public. There is no facade with the Independent Film Industry and AD Lane is the real deal. We care because we love film and we are sick of forgettable films that don't change anything other than hearts to stone. 

See you tomorrow! 


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