Thursday, 26 May 2016

Reviewing The Reviewer

There are bad paid reviewers as well as bad unpaid ones but all opinion is valid, lets grow up a little shall we?...

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pre Fringe- Brighton 2016

Fringe, isn't that the annoying bit of hair that gets in your eyes when you need a haircut? Pre Fringe sounds like a sort of Eighties music outfit, kind of a reaction against the New Romantics...

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Theatre Review- Madame Butterfly

I dare you not to like opera after seeing this production, go on I double dare you...

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Press Release: Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology

Back in March of this year, author Kneel Downe asked for entries to be submitted through his VirulentBlurb website for a charity anthology with a theme of STOLEN. The only stipulation was that the entries had to fit the theme and be under 1000 words long. The stories and poems came flooding in from all over the world and two months , and many hours of reading, arguing and selecting later, the resulting collection of 15 short stories and poetry is published this week. 
Even though all the authors, some of whom have never been published before and others who are well established as independent writers, kept to the STOLEN theme, it was interpreted in many different styles and the collection spans the genres, from sci-fi to romance to psychological horror. Never one to shy away from difficult and hardcore topics, Kneel has chosen work that deals with both physical and emotional loss, from the poignancy of lost love, through the emptiness of stolen dreams to the brutality of abuse.   This may be a small book but it will leave the reader with a lot to think about. 

As well as giving a platform for independent writers, Kneel also wanted a distinctive cover for the book and asked for artwork to be submitted as part of the anthology call. The winning design (above) is by Trevor Bartlett and captures both the edginess of the theme and the essence of what it means to be an independent creator.

When asked where the idea of doing a charity anthology came from, Kneel said “It can be hard when you're first thinking about putting your work out there. Editing, formatting and pushing your work is a scary and thankless task. I, however, have been blessed to have a backroom staff of close and encouraging friends who have always been there for me, doing those dirty jobs that my simple writer's mind still can't grasp... not so for many others and so this is why we started this project. I believe in helping. Supporting and championing my fellow Indies. I believe in giving back. The fact that any profits from this book will go towards supporting a charity close to my heart makes it all the sweeter.”

Kneel Downe’ Stolen Indie anthology goes on sale on Friday, 20th May, which also happens to be Kneel’s birthday. All profits from the sale of this anthology will go to the charity 

To get a taste of the wonderful writing that was received, you can read some of the anthology entries, both those that made it into the book and those that did not, for FREE on Kneel’s website at

You can get your copy of the paperback version here and the Kindle version here

Image Credit Trev Bartlett

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Press Release: #IOTNQD Website Launch

As Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead (#IOTNQD) enters its final phase of filming we are proud to announce the newly updated website for the film. Featuring never before seen footage and behind the scenes photos it has never been more exciting or easy to keep up to date with all things Invasion. Film Maker AD Lane has always believed that the backers of his film form an integral part to the very existence of his ground breaking project.

With plans well underway for a UK Tour next year,which will give UK backers the opportunity to watch #IOTNQD on a big screen, and the final shooting schedule close to being finalised we are closer than ever before to the release of the film. To celebrate we are offering you an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with cast and crew of #IOTNQD. Head over to #IOTNQD now and take part in the interactive video chat that will be broadcasting from the set of #IOTNQD. Hosted by Daniel White and being recorded whilst AD Lane shoots the final scenes of the horrific opening to the film. Do not miss this opportunity to see first hand just what filming is like and confirm the truth that Mr Lane does indeed wear shorts all the time!

The #IOTNQD website is now live at
You can follow the films progress on Twitter at @iotnqdfilm or Facebook at

Thanks supporting us so far and we look forward to bringing you more exciting details and the film itself very,very soon.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Robin Of Sherwood: The Hooded Man

As the familiar leafy synths of Clannad's signature song "Robin, The Hooded Man" fill the auditorium the accompanying applause and wolf whistles threaten to summon Herne The Hunter from his slumber. This is the premiere of splendidly chin-bearded chappy Barnaby Eaton Jones' audio reunion of the eighties TV series Robin of Sherwood. But to tell this story properly I have to take you back thirty years to where this all began, Saturday tea time in the White house. (not the real White House, I'm not American, its just my surname is White and I thought.... never mind cue strange harpish flash back sounds)..

Event: Robin Hood;: The Knights Of The Apocalypse

Robin of Sherwood was an iconic television program that ranks up with Doctor Who and other cult classics of the era, here are some of my memories...