Thursday, 31 March 2016

In Memory of Ronnie Corbett

Ronnie Corbett December 4th 1930 - March 31st 2016
And it's good night from him...

Sad news today as Ronnie Corbett leaves us for the great Hardware Store in the sky. Aged 85, he had provided audiences of all ages with so many memories which, of course, will be his lasting legacy. Whether you choose his comic gold when partnered with Ronnie Corbett or his sitcom, Sorry, there is still much to cherish. Remembered as a wonderfully generous and charming man who was held in huge esteem both by fans and colleagues. His was a gentle but warm comedy that had a way of connecting audiences in a tremendously natural way. When you think about it, there aren't many people who could make the simple act of sitting in an over sized chair telling comedic stories so effective and so watchable. No inventive set or elaborate build up was needed, just Ronnie doing what he did best. Making people laugh. 

I seem to have reached that sad moment in my life where people who I have huge respect for and share such emotional connections with are passing away.Whether it is a sudden and unexpected jolt or as a result of a long illness the effect on me is still the same. Yes it's true I will always have my memories and will hold the joy which they so unselfishly gifted me even closer. Yet once they have departed, it doesn't feel the same. It can truthfully be said that with the passing of Ronnie Corbett the world is a less funny and slightly dimmer place. On the other hand if he is still creating comedy gold in the afterlife, Heaven is going to be a very very funny place indeed.

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