Thursday, 24 March 2016

Gary Shandling- I have no words...

Gary Shandling, Creator of The Larry Sanders Show, dies aged 66...

OK, sod caring and sharing, stuff eloquence words! 2016 sucks. How many more, seriously? What is going on. The Larry Sanders Shows was funny, ground breaking comedy and at a time in my life when I really, really needed to laugh this did it for me. I don't have the words or the speech to put anything coherent together. Gary probably would have said something pithy or sarcastic. I have nothing. No warning, no long term illness. Heart attack and that's it!

People will talk about legacy and they will talk about contribution to comedy and blah blah blah.

Me? I just lost someone that connected me to the world when I had just lost a reason, the reason to live. Enough already!

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