Saturday, 7 January 2017

We Could Be Heroes

                                          David Bowie 8th January 1947- 10th January 2016

It's hard to believe a year has passed since Bowie left us. Still hurts and still cant believe he has gone. As a mark of respect I will take my seat alongside other similar thinking people on Tuesday to watch a performance of Lazarus in London. This is what I wrote a year ago..

David Bowie was a musical genius with a talent to produce music of a standard that few could even dream of. A maverick and you just don't get people like him anymore

With the release of Black Star, marking Bowie's 69th Birthday on Friday, I had a conversation with a friend about him. I imagine this sort of conversation has been going on for decades. Bowie's music was always cutting edge and with every new album he took it in slightly different direction which ensured his output was never stale. Bowie's music provided a soundtrack for life and he had been doing it for five decades, his loss will be felt around the globe and he will never be replaced. How many of us have marvelled at the sheer discordant beauty within Starman or the anthemic splendour of Life On Mars? Everyone probably.

For me, the eighties was marked by many significant sounds and visual treats but no where were they so wonderfully combined as within Labyrinth. Bowie's performance as the Goblin King is just sublime and his soundtrack is one of my favourite Bowie moments. It's so eighties, its oh so Bowie. Two other moments are forever burnt into my memory and show Bowie's showmanship and compassion. His performance of We Could Be Heroes at Live Aid was the second greatest performance of the day. The first? well, the day belonged to Queen and Freddie Mercury. It was a fitting tribute that Bowie performed his duet again on "Under Pressure" with Annie Lennox. Bowie's musical legacy will be unsurpassed and ranks up there with The King, Mercury and all the other legends that have left us. Bowie fought his battle with cancer for 18 months with the dignity of a man who respected his families privacy. For the fans this makes his sudden loss even more unexpected and saddening. So many wonderful tributes have already been paid by fans and friends, "Bowie, was on my list of people who should never be allowed to die"

David, thank you for sharing your talent and music with us. "I move the stars for no- one" On this I disagree, you moved the stars for everyone. I will never forget you. Rest in peace.

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