Thursday, 14 January 2016

Alan Rickman

21st February 1946- 14th January 2016
Alan Rickman, died today and yet again no words seem good enough....
Alan Rickman was a Theatrical and Film giant and, in the same week we have lost David Bowie, he will work no more. Once again I find myself at a loss for words, blinking back tears as a kind of personal Rickman focused tribute runs through my mind. Pick any of his films and you will see why he will be missed. Rickman didn't know how to deliver a lack lustre or poor performance and it was his electric presence that lifted many a film from being awful to tremendous. Think of his over the top pantomime performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. "'I'm gonna cut his heart out with a sssppppoooon" Now imagine the same film without Rickman. It would be horrible, a total mess and not memorable at all.

Rickman had an ability to deliver a sarcastic or withering put down like no actor I know and it was because of this that he was the perfect choice to bring to life Professor Snape. I love the Harry Potter films but it is Rickman's portrayal of Snape that is so entertaining and pivotal for me. His death scene in Deathly Hallows brings tears to my eyes every time and this too showed Rickman's brilliance. He was capable of such emotional intensity none evidenced better than in Truly Madly Deeply. Rickman was equally at home treading the boards and his performances in theatrical productions have been enjoyed by countless fans over the years. Comic turns were also very much in his range with the portrayal of the Voice of God, Metatron, in Dogma one of my favourite of all his performances. Rickman seemed to relish every role he lit with his incredible talent. A British institution indeed. 

Few could argue that his portrayal of bad man Hans Gruber in Die Hard has been bettered, cementing Rickman's reputation in American and around the Globe as well as in his native country. So much talent yet at the same time so personable. Rickman never seemed to take himself too seriously and as result was a likeable and entertaining man to watch on the chat show circuit. It seems that I have got to the time of my life where actors and actresses, musicians and people that have been such a massive part of my life are leaving this world. It hurts and I don't think I will ever get used to the feeling of disbelief as the news of someone else that I respect and even loved passes away. Neither should I, when someone shares their talent with the world they give of themselves in a selfless act. Whilst it is true that Rickman's legacy is secure forever and will be enjoyed for years to come, for me, the life line is severed. Yet again, that spark of life has been blown out by a disease that itself needs killing. How many more of our friends, family and people whom we have come to love as if they were family or friends do we have to lose before a cure is found?

Alan Rickman, thank you and I mourn your loss.

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