Saturday, 14 November 2015

You're The Voice

"We're not gonna sit in silence, we're not gonna live with fear",
I like, the rest of the world, watched in stunned disbelief as Paris fell the victim of terrorism and as the death toll rose and the cries for help amplified I thought of a song. John Farnam's song to be specific, written in the eighties, it has a huge resonance for the events that are still being reported in Paris. As the world wakes up to the aftermath to a series of terrorist attacks that have, yet again, destroyed an innocent community, the world seems to echo some of the lyrics. A kind of heart cry, a lament "we're all someones daughter, we are all someones son" and again "how long must me look at each other, down the barrel of a gun" My heart goes out to those that were watching enjoying an evening of music in the Stadium, sharing a meal with loved ones or just enjoying a wonderful Parisian evening. These are all things that we have the freedom to enjoy and they should never, ever be destroyed by death and bullets. Families have been ripped apart and loved one have been killed for what? well you know, it doesn't matter what ideal these acts of atrocity were committed for. I very much doubt that the ideals the gunmen were fighting for were even on the minds and hearts of those who were sipping wine in a restaurant. They were certainly far from the minds of those music fans enjoying a rock concert at the Stad de France. As families mourn and are comforted in their most desperate hour, the rest of the world is mixed in response.

Underpinning all of the tweets, posts and images is one of emotion and largely it is of huge support and sadness. There are some that are angrily pointing fingers at Islam and at IS, the latter is a sentiment that I understand. Islamic State are, as we speak, wiping out Christians in Iraq and have been doing so for months. Stories of ritualistic family beheading and acts of cruelty that amount to an attempt at genocide, all the cries for justice and action are understandable. Yet for us, the common people, who do not have the power or influence to have our voice heard there is a feeling of deep and disheartening powerlessness. What can we do,as a lone voice, in the face of such reckless and powerful hate? How can we do anything to comfort those who mourn and even more soberingly, what can we do to prevent this terrible offence from happening again? I turn to the brave and heroic Parisians for my inspiration today.


Terrorism seeks to disrupt our every day lives we think this can happen at any time and whatever we are doing. The natural fight or flight behavioural pattern kicks in and we change our schedules or plans so that we are less likely to be caught up in an act of brutal terrorism. Quite simply, do this and they have won! Terrorism is far more than the firing of a bullet or the explosion of a bomb, its true power lies in the response of us, the people afterwards. Hate begats hate, and will in turn bring about more bloodshed and more loss of life. I am not suggesting for one moment that "all you need is love" for that would be a trite and hugely uncaring betrayal for those that need us the most. We must carry on doing what we do. Film Makers will continue to make films, Actors to act and Artists create. We must go out for meals and attend theatrical events, no disruption and no quarter given. Terrorists who threaten to bludgeon their twisted world view onto a free thinking world that they wish to destroy will never ever win. We can all take part and we can all make a difference. Go to school, meet your friends. But do not cower in fear, afraid to go out. You're the voice try and understand it, make a noise and make it clear, we're not gonna sit in silence, we're NOT gonna live with fear"

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