Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I DONT Wanna Be The Minority

There are rumours that Ed Milibland is seriously giving consideration to forming a minority Government. There are further rumours that Balls and Co favour this over a Coalition and actually believe they can make it work. If the rumours are true then the Shadow Cabinet must either be the biggest group of deluded idiots ever to sit in Parliament or they totally suck at history. Here is why...

I think you have gathered by now that I have a less than positive opinion of our Electoral System and an even further lower opinion of the main two parties. Things get even crazier when you consider the possibility of moving into hung Parliament territory. For those of you that didn't know, the winning post for any party is set at 326 as this will secure the majority of seats in the House of Parliament. 2010 saw a Hung Parliament with the Conservatives awarded 307 seats and Labour 258, the Coalition formed with the Liberal Democrats pushed the Tories past the magic number with an extra 57 seats. If you have a look at the chart below you will see the variance and the problem that is about to descend onto our political community.

You will note that the Conservative and Labour Parties are tied with the Liberal Democrats halved at 25 seats. Even if either party entered into a Coalition with the destroyed Lib Dems it would still not give them a workable majority. As Labour have ruled out working with the SNP and there is no way the SNP will work with the Conservatives there are very few options available. It is rumoured that
both parties are preparing for a second Election with an appeal for a greater turn out from the voting public. However, Miliband and his cronies favour a minority government and seem to be certain they can make it work. I would suggest that they look back at governments in very recent history and rethink this course of action.

In 1974 Harold Wilson led a Labour Minority Government, it lasted until October where the Labour Government received a tiny majority of 3 seats. The subsequent Government was also a minority one after an agreement between Labour and the Liberals collapsed, James Callaghan's government lasted a little longer but fell in 1979 to a vote of no confidence. A vote of no confidence that was carried by a single vote! In more recent times, John Majors Government was eventually diminished to a minority and we all know what happened to him. Anyone with half a brain can see that the prognosis isn't good, yet Miliband is so focused on getting into power and through the doors of Number 10 he seems to have forgotten what happens to minority governments. Westminster and the media regard them as ineffective and weak governing bodies who are unable to hold onto power and pass decision making laws. This is true, every single law, every single change will be subject to a possible overturning from the opposition and other smaller parties. Every single law will need shoring up with support and that support will cost Labour. It will take longer, much, much longer to pass any resolutions and they will be subject to amendment and redraft. This is why Minority Governments dont last the full 5 year term as they are exhausting and soul destroying.

If Miliband does opt for the Minority Government route he risks any future of a Labour Government and as people are already dubious about his leadership skills this could be another nail in the coffin for our beleaguered Electoral System. We have already had to endure the laughable pretence that was the Coaltion, a coalition that will have destroyed any shred of integrity Clegg had and almost certainly set the Lib Dems back decades. So come on Miliband, patience is the best option, if you wait then you will get your chance and perhaps learn from the considerable mistakes Compo and Clegg have made!

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