Friday, 1 May 2015

Apathy Will Run The Country, If It Can Be Bothered

Apathy is this countries biggest enemy and why those that don't vote should shut up...

As we move into the final few days before the General Election campaigning has reached fever pitch. Party led promotion both by individual MP's and from dedicated Social Network accounts are starting to swamp timelines. You cant move from images of Party Leaders out and about meeting and greeting the electorate. It's their job and each of them believes that they represent the countries best choice to be the next P.M. Public comment has increased as a direct response with tweets flying around from all sides and all parts of the country. Everyone has an opinion and the debate is getting hard to ignore. But here's the problem! A large percentage of those vocalising will not vote on Thursday yet still believe they have a right to pontificate about the state of the country. 

Newsflash! If you don't vote you have absolutely no right to complain, none at all! Like it or not, MP's are voted into Parliament by us, the electorate, they serve us and we hold them to account when they mess up. If you feel aggrieved or incensed by the current ruling party then vote with your X and get rid of them. Its not rocket science and it doesn't involve any level of intelligence, yet every time there is an election it is accompanied by a huge campaign to get people to register to exercise their democratic right.

The arguments for why people don't vote can vary from "well, they're all the same aren't they?" to "I cant be bothered" Neither of these answers is an acceptable reason not to vote and both show a level of ignorance that is simply astounding. I have argued in a previous article that I believe Politicians have very little ability or power to change much within the country. I argued that it is the banking nationals that hold the power and that they and not the MP's we elect hold sway. Never the less we should vote because we can. Its not difficult to find examples of countries that are not afforded this privilege. Find people that live in these countries and you will find voices that have been stifled and silenced. These are voices that long to be heard, to feel valued and are desperate for change that will bring about a fairer society for them. Now this may be an over simplified view and as well all know even with the vote things can still seem unfair. Looking closer to home and the monumental efforts made by Emily Pankhurst and the Women's Suffragette movement. Campaigning for the rights of women to secure the vote was an ardous and long fought task. Yet, they achieved the objective that saw many of them chained to more than one set of railings. So ladies, shame on you because if you don't vote then you turn your back on a right that you just didn't have until relatively recently. 

Apathy of a people that have become accustomed to the lies told by MP's and the inherent corruption and sleaze that is now linked to our democracy. Apathy of a nation that voted for a third choice only to find that they throw their individuality away and align themselves to the Tories. Apathy to, from families that are suffering and have to turn to Foodbanks so that they can feed themselves. Foodbanks that a government deny the need for and, instead, poor derision and scorn on those that don't fit into their model of England. I understand, more than you know, yet still and despite this, you must vote. Summon your ire and hatred, marshall your hunger and your fear and place your mark on Thursday. If you hate the Tories and what Cameron has done then vote tactically to remove them. If you are happy with how things are then get out and show your support. The biggest crime isn't voting for UKIP it is to not care and not to vote at all.

Many of the most blood thirsty and murderous Dictatorships of all time have thrived and grown because of the apathy of a people that didn't care enough to speak out. Apathy kills and it doesn't just kill those who allow it to spread, apathy kills those that strive for a fairer country. Apathy doesn't care who it strikes down but it grows in the fertile ground of those that just don't care about anyone or anything. Twitter, I am sure, will be invaded by Election tweets come Election Night and as the results start to come in ask yourself this. Did you bother? Did you respect yourself and the countless thousands who gave their very lives for the freedom that you now enjoy? Or did you decided against it, after all what difference will one discarded vote make? 

Last General Election 64% of us voted. We had a hung parliament which ushered in a Tory and Lib Dem Coalition that has caused untold misery to hundreds of families. If the other 36% of people had bothered to get off their fat and lazy backsides then perhaps things would have been different. Perhaps, perhaps, but I guess you don't care really do you? Chances are you aren't even reading this anymore and have clicked off to watch the latest episode of Big Brother or Britain Has Got Talent. Right now I am preaching to the converted aren't I? You are nodding in agreement as you fully intend to vote as you always do. Next time someone tells you that they aren't going to vote, challenge them. Tell them that if they don't vote then shut up and stop complaining the next time their child benefit is cut or they have to pay more tax. We all have a voice, we all have a vote. If you don't stand for something then you will fall for anything.


David Martin is a firm believer in wider reading but also spends his time watching horror films and going to the theatre. He has been known to venture outside but prefers worlds he can imagine. Follow him on Twitter at @ventspleen2014

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