Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Vote For Me?

steven harris gears up for the oncoming (storm?) that is the General Election as only he can...

Oh look out, incoming election bullshit. From all of them. The more that high financiers and banking control the world, the less Western politicians can do to make any difference to the lives of those they allegedly represent. Capitalism doesn’t care for humans. Never did. Capitalism is about capital. And of course it is. Profit is king, anything that gets in the way of profiteering, like human rights, welfare plans, customer service or anything else concerned with flesh and bone, these things are distractions and alien to capitalism. They can be bolted on, like limbs from dead people can be attached to another dead person’s torso in the hope of creating a new life (if you’re name is Frankenstein), but they are unnatural, unnecessary additions to the monstrous creature that is capital.
Well of course I sound like a Marxist. Fuck the politics and read the economic analysis. So much of what Karl Marx wrote about the function and recklessly dissociative emotional abandon of capitalism in his time is as true if not more pertinent today. In a digital age money rarely actually exists yet those bankers and high finance types make vile profits from clicking buttons and manipulating markets. Build a better sick bag.

I’m not interested in revolt. Every revolution humankind has indulged in has been of the shooting guns, rising up and being vengeful variety which only ensures that at a later date those oppressed or bereaved by that revolt will eventually seek their own revolutionary revenge and perpetuate the whole bloody cycle. All in the name of power rather than in the name of equality or true human connection.

Little wonder I barely care about the forthcoming election. All those grey-faced liars standing on the same patch of middle ground because that’s where the bankers and financiers throw the bones these days. All those grey-faced liars scaremongering about immigration using false or manipulated statistics. All those grey-faced liars desperately seeking a patch of exposed skin on the bodies of their opponents because they have no recourse in an apolitical age but to make an election about personalities rather than about issues.

Fuck the lot of them. I’m voting for Aslan to come and close Narnia for good.

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