Monday, 23 March 2015

Strangeness In Space

Strangeness in Space is daft audio entertainment for adults and children alike, in the spirit of Saturday morning TV before cookery shows were invented...

Written by, and starring, comedy duo Trev and Simon who, for a decade, dominated Saturday morning TV with their mad and unpredictable world of comedy, sketches and silly games on BBC1’s Going Live! and Live & Kicking. They Didn't Do Duvets, or Perms or Discs, but they Did Swing Their Pants! They are heading into space with Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy's companion Ace in Dr Who and Tom in Tree Fu Tom opposite David Tennant. Joining this trio of Spaceketeers is Clare Eden, producer on the award winning podcast series The Minister of Chance which reached a full first season through crowdfunding , winning a USA Parsec Award.

What would happen if Sophie, the manager of a NASA Space Centre gift shop and Trev and Simon, two idiots claiming to be a 1980s styled synth pop duo called Pink Custard, were thrown together with a stressy computer robot called LEMON on board a damaged space craft, lost in a distant universe, orbiting Planet Mirth?

Strangeness, That's What!

Trev, Simon and Sophie are unwittingly rocketed into the extraordinary, surreal world of space! They’re racing into the future with a foot in the past (the nostalgic 1980’s to be precise). Along the way, fuelled by a diet of indigestible powdered space food, they will encounter a whole host of unusual space dwellers and aliens, all played by an exciting parade of cult actors and celebrities, in as many episodes as we can fund through this campaign with your help!

They'll bump into the flocking Featherheads, or encounter the hairy scary Rhinocerbikers, be shook up by a Space Ghost, or shake hands with the sinister Dr Scarifium!

All to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign starting 24th March - we will bring you more then!

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